About 1week.co.za

What is 1week?

1week.co.za is a collaborative project between two South African businesses in the digital space, Hydra Media and Kusasa Information Systems. The teams behind 1week.co.za realised that it’s hard to understand design and development and how things fit together for a business. 1week.co.za simplifies that. You can now buy service from some of the best designers and developers in the country just as easily as any other mobile shop.


We are not the kind of organisation that provides a cheap and nasty service. Our work is of the same quality or better than what you’d find at any of the large corporations, just on an accelerated time frame. Our team has worked with some of the largest corporations in South Africa. We’re pround of the work we do and we like to make sure our clients feel the same way about their own businesses.


1week.co.za is about providing high quality work with a very high speed turn around time, this means we have to keep things relatively static. read more about how we manage to do it here. If you do have time and resources to spend on your brand, we recommend dealing with Hydra Media directly for design and Kusasa for software / web / mobile application development.